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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my vehicle involved in the Takata airbag recall? » «

You can quickly determine if your vehicle is involved in the Takata airbag recall through our VIN Recall lookup.

Where can learn more about Toyota Safety Sense (TSS)? » «

To learn about Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), please click here for more information.

How can I locate my nearest Toyota dealership? » «

To locate your nearest Toyota dealer, click here and enter your zip code to see a list of dealers near you.

What is Bluetooth®? » «


Bluetooth® is a wireless standard for connecting portable devices such as mobile telephones. The Bluetooth® specification was developed and is promoted by a group of companies including Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and Toshiba with the goal of fostering connectivity between mobile electronic devices. Bluetooth® allows customers to pair their compatible phone with the available navigation system in select Toyota models. You can learn more about the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group by visiting their website.

What are the "S" and "B" gear shift positions used for on the 2015 Corolla? » «

"S" is for sport. If you're driving on twisty country roads and want to keep the RPM up as you wind through corners, the "S" position is where you want to be. In "S", the transmission holds lower gears longer for more power as you come out of the curves.

The "B" position favors lower gears, too, but for a totally different purpose. Just as you might shift a conventional transmission to Low on a long downhill grade; you can shift into the "B" position to increase engine drag and help slow the Corolla while coasting down a hill."

I am trying to update my Toyota Owners password and the system is not accepting my new information. How can I complete my password update? » «


In order to create a better, more intuitive customer experience, we are making some updates to the Toyota Owners site. During this time, you may experience limited functionality and the inability to update your password and/or security information. We are working diligently to update the site and provide you with convenient access to your online owners account. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Thank you for your patience as we complete the site enhancements.

Where do I find my VIN? » «

You can find your VIN in the following places:

Top of the dashboard: You can find your VIN on the metal plate located on your dashboard, near the windshield on the driver's side.

What are the oil change intervals using synthetic oil? » «

  • Only Toyota vehicles in which 0w-20 synthetic oil is required (except 3UR-FBE Engines*) have been approved for extended oil change intervals of 18,520-KM/12-months. (However, you should continue to check the oil level regularly and top off if needed. That will help your engine get the full benefit of synthetic oil.)

  • Vehicles in which 0w-20 is an option to 5w-20 mineral oil, (or 5w-30), will continue to require 9,260-KM/6-month oil change intervals, even if 0w-20 oil is used.

  • In the case of vehicles with 18,520 KM oil change intervals, the 9,260 KM service interval has not been eliminated. The traditional 9,260 KM maintenance procedures (such as tire rotation) will continue to be required, and the fluid levels (such as brake fluid) will need to be checked and adjusted at this time.

  • If the vehicle operation meets the standard criteria for "Special Operating Conditions" such as: driving off-road, on dirt roads, towing a trailer, making repeated short trips under 32˚ F, or extensive idling; the engine oil must be replaced at 9,260 KM intervals, regardless of what type of oil is used.

*The 3UR-FBE (Flex Fuel Tundra / Sequoia) are the exceptions to this new change interval program; these engines have not been approved for the 18,520 KM interval at this time. A 9,260-KM/6-month oil change interval is still required for these vehicles. Also, the Flex Fuel 3UR-FBE requires a 4,630 KM interval when operated on E85.

How do I start the engine using my Toyota remote engine starter? » «

  • Press the LOCK button on the remote.

  • Press the LOCK button a second time within 1 second.

  • Press the LOCK button again, this time holding it for 3 seconds. The engine will start.

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