Breakthrough performance gives you a closer connection to the road.

Performance happens when driver and machine work together as one. When the car becomes an extension of the driver’s will. When you stop thinking about control and begin to feel it. That’s performance we measure not on a stopwatch, but in our hearts.

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If there’s a Problem, Embrace It

Just 18 months before launch, our engineers faced a dilemma: They’d made a supercar, but it wasn’t yet an C-HR. They went back to the drawing board and delayed the launch, re-configuring the chassis and developing an all-new engine. You only get one shot at reinventing an icon.

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Proof in Practice
Innovation is our obsession. When you look at our cars, you see it. Every refinement ptoss the entire model line results in better performance on the road.

Sport Hybrid Performance

The Toyota Yaris WRC, which has already achieved success in the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing team led by Tommy Mäkinen, was born. 380 hp, 425 Nm torque in a car weighing less than 1200 kg will accelerate the heartbeat of every fan race.

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Super Handling All-Wheel Drive

Toyota engineers set out to build a revolutionary all-wheel drive system that would strategically distribute power among the wheels for a performance gain that would surpass any other drive system out there.

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The Hard Way
To ensure power and precise handling, we put performance to every ultimate test. From slushing through snow to tearing up sand, our vehicles endure countless hours of the harshest conditions we can throw at them.
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104 payments of
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