Our safety and driver assistive technologies help us focus on all who share the road.

Our Scrapbook
For Us, Safety is Personal

Stories of appreciation for Toyota safety performance are felt deeply. When we get letters of thanks, we take them to heart. We keep them in a scrapbook and look through it often, keeping a real connection to why we do what we do.

Virtual Safety Tests
Driver Assist
Zero-Collision Society
It’s our quest to create a zero-collision society with cars and SUVs that make the roads a safer place for everyone.

Pre-Collision System

The Pre-Collision System can alert you to obstacles detected ahead. Using both radar and camera, it's programmed to provide visual alerts when it determines a crash is possible and if you don't react, it can automatically brake for you.

Part of Toyota Safety Sense . Standard on Camry and Corolla .

Available on all Cars and SUVs

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Keeping Your Distance

Driver assistive technologies are moving us closer to a future of fewer crashes and injuries. From Adaptive Cruise Control to Lane Keeping Assist – we put people first in an unpredictable world.

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Lane Departure Alert

This system alerts the alerts the driver if their vehicle deviates from its lane. The onboard single lens camera detects the vehicle’s position relative to the white or yellow lane markings, and when the car begins to leave its lane without turn signal activation, the driver is warned with an audible and visual alert

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Inherent Strength
Our unrelenting mission to help keep you safe inspires technologies as innovative as they are effective. Protection is at the heart of Toyota design. After all, an Toyota can be replaced. Your family cannot.

Impact-absorbing body and high-strength cabin

The suppression of cabin intrusion and absorption of impact are effective in reducing injury of occupants during a collision. According to data, the rate of severe injuries increases dramatically past a certain threshold of cabin intrusion. Using a highly efficient, impact-absorbing body structure and a high-strength cabin, Toyota has designed a collision safety body to preserve residual space for passengers and help reduce injury during a collision.

Available on all Cars and SUVs.

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Evolution of Safety

We're continually investing in research and development to find new ways to raise our quality, working to help keep you safe.

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