There are a number of races around the world on racing tracks or racetracks that cause car enthusiasts joyous excitement with a thunderous mixture of crazy speed, piercing brakes and extraordinary bravery of racers. Toyota's rich history of motor racing is seven decades, and today we have united all our international events under the same name: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing.

Sport Hybrid CARS


The 380-horsepower Yaris WRC, driven by a talented team led by Tommy Makinen, is a component of our success in rallies.

Creating racing cars requires far more than pure theoretical knowledge. In this process, it is about getting detailed data and direct experience to build a vehicle that is capable of crossing the boundaries of any road. Following this assumption, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will return to the game after a 17-year break and will start in the prestigious World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2017.

TS050 Hybrid

A long-distance, advanced hybrid race car with a power output of almost 1000 bhp and a top speed of over 330 km / h.

World Endurance Championship (WEC) is the culmination of extraordinary innovation and teamwork. The event features nine races in various parts of the world - including the famous 24-hour Le Mans. In 2012, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing returned to the championship, and since 1985 has continued to participate in the Le Mans rally. In 2016, Toyota has for the 18th time participated in the 24-hour Le Mans and our team struggled for the last time, losing the race just before the finish. However, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing team will not