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Plug-In Hybrid Electric Cars for Sale at Pickering Toyota in Durham | Power and Efficiency Combined

With two sources of power, a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) gives you all the benefits of a hybrid electric vehicle plus an extended CO2 emissions-free electric-only driving range. So you can do more with less, while reducing carbon emissions along the way.


Get More. Do More.

Part of the Solution

Less Fuel. Lower Emissions

PHEVs can travel faster and further in EV-mode than conventional hybrid electric vehicles. So you can spend more time in zero-fuel driving, and reduce emissions even more.

Leave Range Anxiety Behind

Leave Range Anxiety Behind

With both a gas engine and electric motor, even if your hybrid battery runs low, you never need to worry about finding a charging station.

Powerful Response

Powerful Response

The electric motor provides immediate torque for instant acceleration. Automatically switching between gas and electricity means you enhance performance under every driving condition.

eAWD for All-Weather Confidence

eAWD for All-Weather Confidence

Depending on your driving needs and habits, you can spend some of the time in zero-fuel, zero-emissions driving.

No Additional Maintenance

No Additional Maintenance

A Toyota PHEVs maintenance schedule is nearly identical to one of our gas powered vehicles.

Enjoy More Incentives

Enjoy More Incentives

PHEVs qualify for the federal government’s iZEV program which offers an incentive for the purchase of a qualifying vehicle. Visit Transport Canada to learn more.

How It Works

Enhance Your Potential

There is nothing complicated about a PHEV. Just like a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), it has both a gas engine and electric motors, and automatically switches between electric-mode only (EV), gas-mode only, or a seamless combination of both.

Here’s the difference. With its larger battery and more powerful motor, a PHEV allows you to travel further in EV-mode alone than a conventional HEV. Like an HEV, the battery recharges through regenerative braking. You can also choose to plug-in to extend your electric-only driving range.

Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles at Pickering Toyota


Power Up for Peak Performance

Charging your PHEV is simple. Just plug it in. At home, at work, or at any public charging station. Charging times depend on whether you are using Level 1 or 2 charging.

Find Your Closest Charging Station


Choose the Right PHEV for You

Choose from two powerful and proven Toyota plug-in hybrids, including Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime. Both are ready to help you go big while reducing your commute’s carbon emissions.


Built to Last

Toyota hybrid electric vehicles are built with the same dedication to quality that you expect from Toyota. Which is why they come with the same basic warranty as every Toyota vehicle, backed up with additional Limited Warranty Coverages.

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8 Years


160,000 km

Hybrid Component Warranty*

10 Years


240,000 km

Hybrid Battery Warranty*

* Whichever comes first. See Owner’s Manual Supplement or ask your Dealer for details.

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At Pickering Toyota, we recognize that diverse mobility demands call for varied solutions. We are committed to showcasing all Toyota Canada guidelines, ensuring our customers have access to a comprehensive range of electrified technologies. Our focus is on providing personalized options to meet every unique mobility need.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

HEVs seamlessly combine the power of a gas engine with electric motors. And because the hybrid battery recharges on the go, you never need to plug in.

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Battery Electric Vehicle

BEVs are zero-emission vehicles that are powered by electricity alone. BEVs require plugging-in, while also utilizing regenerative braking to recharge the onboard battery as you drive.

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