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Take Care Of Your Toyota maintenance, Oil Changes, and Other Services At Pickering Toyota Service Center. When It’s Time For A Routine Replacement, Stick With Toyota Genuine Parts. Toyota Trained Technicians Use Parts That Are Made Specifically For Your Toyota.


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  • Check installation of driver's floor mat.
  • Reset Maintenance Reminder Light or system.
  • Inspect all lights and horn for proper operation.
  • Inspect wiper blades, linkage and washers for proper operation.
  • Visually inspect drive belts adjust tension if required.
  • Replace engine oil & filter (synthetic OW16).
  • Lubricate locks, latches and hinges.
  • Inspect and adjust level - engine oil, brake fluid, engine coolant. power steering fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and washer fluid.
  • Remove & inspect engine air filter.
  • Remove wheels & visually inspect brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake lines and hoses.
  • Remove brake calipers and/or brake drums. Inspect and measure brake rotors, drums, pads and shoes.
  • Check and record tire tread depth. Examine tires for damage and uneven wear.
  • Rotate tires (applicable to same size wheels, front & rear) or alternatively perform seasonal tire change-over.
  • Perform 12 Volt battery service and comprehensive electrical charging system evaluation.
  • Inspect valve clearance (audibly).
  • Check steering gear, Linkage and shock absorbers for k>oseness, damage or leakage.
  • Inspect ball joints and dust covers, driveshafts, chassis nuts & bolts for looseness or damage.
  • Inspect fuel system for leaks or damage, inspect condition of fuel tank band, fuel tank cap gasket, fuel tank vapour vent system hoses, fuellines and connections.
  • Inspect engine oil cooler lines and automatic transmission cooler Unes if equipped for leakage, looseness or damage. Inspect exhaust system for leaks, damage or broken hangers.
  • Record inspection results, measurements and component condition on inspection form and/or repair order.
  • Remove & inspect cabin air filter.

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Oil Change

It is important to have the oil in your vehicle changed before the winter months hit. This helps to winterize your vehicle, ensuring it operates properly during the cold months and keeps your engine safe. Routine oil changes are one the best ways to preserve your Toyota, ensure optimal performance and maintain your warranty. Pickering Toyota uses Genuine Toyota Motor Oil that was made specifically for your vehicle. Unsure of when your next factory recommend Oil change is required? Call us today!

Battery Installation

A dead battery can leave you stranded. Is your vehicle slow to start? Are your headlights dim? Have you recently had to jumpstart your vehicle? These are all early warning signs that your battery might need replacement. Let our Toyota factory-trained technicians inspect your battery and if needed offer you a Toyota Genuine Battery replacement that is designed, engineered and rigorously tested to meet your Toyota’s exact specifications. Also, all Toyota Genuine Batteries come with peace of mind in the form of a warranty. Book an appointment today!

Brake Pad Replacement

Your brakes are vital to the performance and safety of your vehicle. If you knew just how much you use your brakes, you’d quickly realize that getting them inspected is a no‐brainer! So, what’s stopping you? Every 8,000km it is recommended that a Toyota technician thoroughly examine your braking system. If you require new Brake Pads only trust Toyota Genuine Brake Pads that are engineered specifically to fit your vehicle. Schedule a brake inspection today to ensure you’re ready for the road this Winter. Book an appointment today!

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Cabin Air Filters

Pickering Toyota

From $39.99* + Installation

Keep the air inside your Toyota clean from contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen and other debris. Often overlooked – a clogged cabin air filter can reduce airflow and impact the long-term reliability of your heating and ventilation components. Pickering Toyota only uses Genuine Toyota cabin air filters made of the high-quality materials designed for your Toyota. Let us keep you breathing easy and a smooth drive this Winter. Book an appointment today!

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Wheel Alignment

Pickering Toyota

From $139.99*

An alignment improves driving safety by keeping the right amount of the tires in contact with the road. Is your vehicle pulling to the left, or right? Have you noticed uneven wear on your tires? You might need an alignment! Alignments can preserve the life of your tires, provide a smoother ride and optimize your gas mileage. Drive safe and let our Toyota factory-trained technicians align your wheels. Book your alignment today!

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Summer Tires

Pickering Toyota

From $860.00*

As soon as the average daily temperatures drop below 7°C it is recommended to install Winter Tires for optimal traction & safety. At Pickering Toyota, we have Winter Wheels and Tire Packages that can meet your needs, and all are designed specifically for your Toyota. Wheel and Tire Packages include mounting, balancing and installation. Book an appointment, call or visit us today for more details!

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Tire Changeover

Pickering Toyota

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Regardless of which tire service you require, all-new, swapped or changeover tires need to be checked for proper balance and tire pressure. Also, swapped tires should be checked for irregular wear patterns such as inside or outside rubber wear. If there are signs of irregular tread wear, this should be indicated on the repair order along with the recommendation of a four-wheel alignment. Bring your vehicle and have our experts to change over your tires. Ensure a safe drive this winter. Book your appointment today!

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Tire Storage

Pickering Toyota

From $99.99*/Season

Bring your Toyota to our tire center and save up to $50 this winter. Having an extra set of tires presents a storage challenge for many of us. At Pickering Toyota, we ensure your tires are protected and securely stored in a climate-controlled facility. Free up your garage space and do not worry about your tires - we have you covered. Save $50 when you purchase 2 seasons of tire storage (Regular $139.99 per season). Some conditions may apply* Call us for more details!

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Detailing Service

Pickering Toyota

From $79.99*

Get your Toyota ready for Summer! We offer professional Toyota Touch detailing services to ensure your vehicle gets to cleaning and care it deserves. We have Exterior and Interior detailing packages that start from $79.99*. Call us today!

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Transmission Flush

Pickering Toyota

From $299.99 plus disposal and HST

Over time Transmission fluid gets dirty and breaks down through heat, and will need to be replaced. A flush and replacement with new Genuine Toyota Transmission fluid can keep your transmission shifting smoothly and can extend the life span of your Transmission.

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Radiator Flush

Pickering Toyota

From $189.99*

An engine coolant flush removes rust and scale deposits, which build up over time. It’s important to get rid of these deposits because they can cause overheating and damage to your engines cooling system. Ensure you Toyota is ready for the HOT summer months ahead with a Radiator Fluid Flush done by our Trained Technicians.

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